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When it comes to health, organizations strive to do their best for each person, every single day. But whether your goal is to help patients or employees, program beneficiaries or research program participants, you know that there is no healing without justice. After all, how can one heal without being able to protect themself from the harm?

That’s why at Bloomwell, we’re committed to engaging in advocacy work and changing the systems that are complicit in the conditions of the violence & oppression of:

  • African American/Black Communities

  •  Hispanic/Latin(x) Communities

  • Native/Indigenous Communities

  • LGBTQ+/Non-Binary/Queer Communities 

  • Disabled & Neurodivergent Communities

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Bloomwell Health shortens the distance between the need for healing and quality care by advocating for the removal of structural and policy barriers to access culturally competent healthcare. This means eliminating discrimination, and their consequences, including powerlessness and restricted access to healthy foods, secure walking areas, and other protective health factors that lead to higher quality of life.

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