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Birthing Equity


BEP is a black-owned, queer run doula training initiative whose mission is to connect socially conscious, culturally sensitive, justice-oriented, trauma-informed doulas with birthing parents and at-risk families that are survivors of structural and/or gender-based violence. Our clients usually deal with effects of isolation and trauma and face incredible obstacles to justice, including language barriers, lack of resources, and lack of access to legal and healthcare systems. Everyone has a right to protection under existing U.S. laws.


Changing Birth Culture Locally, Nationally, & Globally

Bloomwell is proud to partner with and support nonprofits and community-based organizations working with children and families to make our communities more equitable, just, and thriving places to live and work. Bloomwell Full Spectrum Doulas go through a 15+ hour training program, developed internally by Bloomwell and its clinical advisors, before beginning to work with clients one-on-one. We take an evidence-based, personalized approach to psychoeducation and birth companionship, helping our birthing parents, children, and families develop positive coping strategies so they can better manage life stress. This structure incorporates mental health and mindfulness to become a part of each person’s everyday routine. 

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