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We use behavioral insights and strategy to drive cultural transformation and advance equity within your organization.

Data Security & Patient Safety

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With the Right Insights, Great Things Can Happen

Bloomwell is a new measure of well-being. Our accelerated analytics allows us to constantly curate uniquely tailored resources that translate into positive experiences to support your clients along the journey to well-being.



Behavioral Research & Strategy

Change Management Workshops & Tools

Implementation Science & Intervention Design

As organizations pivot to new future of work models, leverage remote channels of communications, and streamline operations, the pressure to deliver impact is high.


In 3-6 months, we'll work through a behavior change challenge you're facing with an audience within the communities you serve. This, in combination with Lean Experimentation of Interventions, is our most commonly requested service.

  • Target a specific external audience and behavior to change

  • Familiarize with current approach, issue area, data, and literature, team members

  • Gather baseline adoption rates

  • Conduct research (ethnographic) to extract behavioral insights — e.g. motivators, barriers, competing behaviors, channels of communication, and more.

  • Synthesize learnings and share back with team and stakeholders (deliverable: presentation or report)

  • Build an effective behavior change strategy (deliverable: strategic playbook)

Prior to doing a deep dive into any behavior change effort, we must reflect on the end goal.  We will work with you to define your desired target audience + behavior combination that is specific, feasible, and impactful.

In 3-6 months, we'll work with you to develop a strong sense of where things stand (baseline). Often times, data is shaky or missing, and a gap analysis or feasibility assessment is needed (it's hard to change what has not been measured).

  •  Stakeholder interviews + Desk Review + Policy, Data & Literature review

  • Understand all relevant audiences and behaviors, and how they are connected

  • Use predictive analytics to measure preliminary baselines adoption rates & to aid prioritization

  • Integrate health equity goals into the evaluation process.

  • Harness data (from population health and personal clinical health profiles to the social determinants of health), using advanced analytics and innovative technology to measure outcomes and inform effective strategy

We liaise with cross-functional business teams and leaders to determine the strategies and action needed to enhance adoption, implementation, and sustainability of evidence-based behavior change interventions. 


Whether a day-long, week-long, or year-long engagement, our workshops deliver an energizing learning experience that engages participants and supports tangible business and impact objectives. Participants receive full access to resources and tools used by practitioners.

  • Interactive workshops designed for how people learn

  • Introductory BC-101 covers "The Work of Changing Behavior" from beginning to end

  • Focused workshops address specific topics (e.g. Unbiased Research, Motivational Interviewing, Data Visualization, Creative Production & Content Strategy, and more)

  • Assessment of level-of-proficiency & gaps; highlighting successes to build upon

  • Establish health equity as part of your enterprise strategy and develop a road map tailored to enacting tangible change

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Shaped by Diverse Members of Society

From first-hand experience, we know and understand that there is no healing without justice. After all, how can one heal without being able to protect themself from the harm?  At Bloomwell, we advocate for historically marginalized groups (including but not limited to the African American/Black communities, Hispanic/Latin(x) communities, Native/Indigenous communities, LGBTQ+/Non-Binary/GenderQueer communities, and others. We use data to inform our advocacy change the systems that are complicit in the conditions of their oppression.  create professional development and educational opportunities for instructional and administrative/professional faculty around the

We partner with non-profits, human service organizations, and health plans to create innovative, science-backed, digital first care solutions that can help you better serve your existing populations- or expand to serve new ones. 


Customized Educational

Human-Centered Design 

Gamified Activities for Providers and Patients

Health tech solutions for our precious hard-to-reach valuable members of society

What Our Clients Say

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Vanessa DaCosta,
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“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Tom Smithenson, Parkmerced

“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services. Let your customers review you and tell their friends how great you are.”

Tilly Green,
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