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The New Standard
in Data Analysis for Patient-Centered Care for
Diverse Populations 

Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

We use human-centered design and large-scale product experiments to improve outcomes like patient wellbeing. We also use learning engineering techniques to improve learning and motivation.

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MHTech Solutions

Our goal is to make it easy for researchers to use mobile technologies to study behavioral health interventions over time in the "field"

We focus on the development of novel digital health tools to improve the assessment of real-world cognitive abilities.

We do this through the design of locally-adapted psychological assessments and educational games that are designed to measurably enhance wellbeing and improve student motivation & learning.

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Creating the Very Best in Behavioral Health Mobile Gamification

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We integrate with your ecosystem

As a culturally & linguistically tailored telemental health platform, we develop interactive gamified content that provide direct linkage to community-based resources. We use a collective approach to drive healing and well-being.

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Let Your Data Take Your Organization to Higher Grounds

Easily access your behavioral health and coordinated care data with interactive dashboards. Help drive the national progress towards measuring and improving quality care standards with visually impactful and secure customized behavioral health dashboards. 

Real Time Analytics


Cloud Analytics Modernization

Versatility in Application

Designed to be used in low-resource settings

Data Science Acceleration

Continuous User Testing & Adapting

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